Years of Experience

Your business partner in innovating and
finding your engineering solutions

Desain dan Teknik Indonesia, Ltd. is a company that located in Bandung and established since 2002. Our company is a reliable business partner in innovating and finding your engineering solutions.

Experienced, qualified, and highly motivated DTI engineers, designers, and analysts with a good understanding of quality, cost and delivery deadlines with high-end technology, and infrastructure are the main factors to meet the customer requirements.


To be the most innovative engineering company in Indonesia and compete in the Southeast Asia region.

1. Provide highly competitive products and services.
2. Maximizing the value of the company through the development of human resources and the application of the latest technology.
3. Improve technical ability to substitute imported goods and create new products.
4. Provide benefits for shareholders, employees and society as well as care for the environment.

We are only successful if our customers are  successful.   We know the customer’s main needs, and find innovative and economical solutions for it.   As an engineering and marketing partner, we work   to support customers with our knowledge and abilities, from product ideas, product development,  to marketing and component supply.


Our main goal is a lasting and long-term relationship.
We are transparent, open, and trustworthy.
Customers know what we do, how we do it and when we do it.


We are a trusted partner for our customers. Our statement is our obligation. Due date and quality assurance are our highest principles.


A basic attitude that is positive for humans and their interests is the conditions for contributing to overall service.

Social skills and competencies are what form the method of collaboration with our partners. We position ourselves for open and constructive discussion.


Desain dan Teknik Indonesia, Ltd. is supported by reliable human resources and experts in their fields. Evidenced by employees who have been certified so that it will guarantee the products and services produced by the company.