The exoskeleton is the external skeleton that supports and protects a human body. It's a kind of suit from metal (or other material) frameworks fitted with motorized “muscles” that can multiply the wearer's strength.

The function of this exoskeleton is to help seniors to stand tall, and carry out daily activities without extra effort.
In this projects, DTI collaborates with one of the universities in Sweden.

DTI developed this exoskeleton prototype starting from the design process to manufacturing so that it can function property.


The design mechanism of the radar antenna is the results of DTI engineering development based on orders from the Indonesian Navy. The level of accuracy can minimize the backless effect of the antenna rotation along with the very smooth rotation movements when controlled.

We designed it so that it can provide maximum support for the accuracy level of Indonesia's superior radar function.

Radom with a thickness of 2 mm that is distributed evenly along 1.8 m supports the radar range function up to 64 km.

QBLAT Compass

QBLAT Compass is one of our innovative products with the trademark Dino Product which is registered in the Indonesian patent.

Functions as a simple tool that helps show the Qibla direction of prayer, with a practical keychain shape.

This product is able to show the Qibla direction in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei (1st version) and to show the Qibla direction from all over the world (2nd version).

Interior Vehicle

With more than 15 years of experience, our engineers can produce designs as outlined in drawings and part lists for customers in Switzerland and other European countries.

This is supported by our CAD software and high-end hardware. DTI makes a design for interior Railway.

DTI design interiors for seats, sidewalls, floors, and many more. DTI combine the aesthetics and effectiveness of interior functions to produce a modern design.

DTI also have experience for several frame design projects.

Checking Fixture Cup Holder

This checking fixture is used in the Alfa Romeo car project. The fixture holds the cup holder of the car. And through an integrated dial gauge and the Computer Measuring Machine, controls the dimensions of the cupholder. The maximum weight of the checking fixture is 25 kg. A base plate material made of Dural aluminum, which cannot be grinding process, so it must be full machining.

Train Chair Test Equipment

This test equipment is used to perform pressure tests on several train seat positions, which include the position of backrest position, armrest position, sitting position, and pillow position.

This project uses FEM analysis for hollow frames. This test tool uses pneumatic, and to help make it more accurate we use load cell.

This test is based on the following norms:
  • APTA PR-CS-016-99
  • BS EN 12663-1-2010 + A1-2014
  • UIC 567

Electric Plugs Mold

An Electric Plug is a connector that can be inserted into an electric socket or a power source. It has a type of male, mainly coated with brass and often with tin or nickel, which is directly related to the source of electricity.

Electric plugs mold is a mold that is used for plastic injection machines using PP (polypropylene) material. This mold is designed for 8 cavities, consisting of 4 cavities for the body plugs and 4 cavities for the clamp. Designed using a slider system and there are inserts on the cavity and core.

Sculpture Animation

Not only working on technical drawings, but DTI has also proven its ability in graphic design. Sculpture Animation is DTI's first graphic design project, creating of animated videos from modified customer sculpture models.

DTI's scope of work is to modify concepts and implement them into animated videos. DTI strives to realize customer ideas in storyboards that are made by considering the aesthetic, functional, and customer standards.

Lifting and Pressing Machine

This machine is used to lift the chocolate dough and press it into the extruder. Our customers need a machine modification design that can change the already running manual system to make their job easier. Our customers send us data i.e. real videos of existing machines and ask us to realize their idea.

DTI's scope of work is to create 3D models of machines and implement them in animated videos based on digital data from the customer.